Glossary - M

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Media Centre

You can upload images for either the main property image (this is the one shown in the property list and in the header), individual rooms and slideshow images. You can also see existing images uploaded for each resource under that drop-down and view or delete those images if you need to. At the top left choose the resource you want to upload an image for. If you choose Room Images from the drop-down you'll get an additional drop-down where you can specify the room you want to upload the image for. Remember, when uploading images the initial size of the image (e.g. 200kb) isn't as important as the initial resolution (e.g. 400px x 400px), so for example of you're uploading an image that's initially 400 x 400 in size, and resizing it to 800 x 800 then it will never look good because php is forced to guess how to fill the pixels between those provided in the original. The trick is to upload an image of 1200 x 1200 and let the system make the resulting images smaller. For best results and proper image display across all your pages, it`s important to upload same aspect ratio images. We`ve uploaded only images of 1920 x 1080px.

Minimum Occupancies

Allows a property manager to define different minimum occupancy levels for different room types.