We reserve the right to remove any content contributed to this website by members, travelers or any other user of the website (each a “user”) which does not meet the following guidelines. Traveler reviews, owner responses and any other content submitted by a user are the subjective opinions of the user who posted the content. They are not our opinions and are not endorsed by us. NW BnB has no independent knowledge of and therefore expresses no opinion regarding the accuracy of the content provided by our users.

Content Guidelines

No user of this website may contribute any content (including, but not limited to property listings, reviews and responses) which violate the following guidelines:

  • A review must be submitted within one year of the date of stay.
  • Users who post content must have all legal rights to post the content.
  • The content must be directly related to its purpose.  Examples include:
    • Property listing descriptions must relate to the property and information that would be useful to a traveler. 
    • Reviews of a property must focus on the traveler’s experience renting the property, which will typically focus on the stay but may address other factors relating to the rental process such as inquiries or bookings.
    • Content posted in a forum must be relevant to the purpose of the forum and discussion.
  • Listings and reviews should be accurate.
  • The content must comply with the current site Terms and Conditions
  • Reviews and responses should not disclose the physical location of the property or the rates charged by the owner or manager.
  • Users cannot post a review or response for the purpose of blackmailing or extorting owners or travelers for money or other consideration. The reviews are for the benefit of future travelers, not to allow one party to threaten the other. 

Eligibility Guidelines

To review a property, the traveler must meet the following requirements:

  • The traveler must be able to provide satisfactory evidence of the stay; possess receipt of property access information from NW BnB Mobile Hospitality Manager; or demonstrate payment in accordance with a rental agreement and was cancelled on two weeks before arrival; or paid in accordance with the rental agreement, arrived and had to stay at a property other than the property booked. Owners and property managers of advertised properties may not review the property that he or she owns or manages.
  • All travelers must also be able to validate his or her identity or email when submitting a review.

Additional Information:

  • Customer support is unable to edit existing reviews (such as editing works or changing the star rating) on a traveler's behalf. A traveler may contact Customer Support to remove their review if he/she wishes. The traveler can then resubmit a review with their edited verbiage.
  • Please note that the content of your review could subject you to liability if a person or business that feels it is defamatory or damages their reputation.
  • In the event of legal action pertaining to user contributed content, we will remove the content resolved provided that appropriate documentation and proof is provided to us.  Such content may be restored if the matter is resolved against the complaining party.  Contact Us if you have commenced such a legal action and want to request that we remove the user contributed content.