Frequently Asked Question - How to Start Your Own Bed & Breakfast Business?

How to Start Your Own Bed & Breakfast Business?

1.) You will need a Business License in the state your Bed & Breakfast in operating in.

2.) A Certificate of Occupancy

3.) Check with your counties Transient Lodgings Tax Laws

4.) Federal and State Tax ID, or your Social Security Number (SSN)

5.) A Business checking, credit account

6.) A Merchant account like Square (click here) or Paypal (click here) to process credit, and debit cards

7.) Health Department inspection

8.) Fire Department inspection

9.) Insurance (business, liability, property, and liquor liability if applicable)

10.) Property Management accounting software like Rental Manager

11.) Post your Bed & Breakfast here on

12.) Let people know about your post here on NW BnB by posting a free advertisement on Craigslist and link your advertisement to your listing here on